In 1988 I started cutting lawns in Ladner, which has been my hometown since the age of three. It started as a kid who saw an opportunity to make extra money. I literally started by transporting a lawnmower in the trunk of my mom’s car and had a small handful of customers.

I worked evenings at my dad’s dairy in 1989. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and saw an opportunity to have the best of both worlds (a regular job in the evening and my own business by day). I placed an ad in the local paper and called myself Lawncutting Only. The first weekend I must have got 20 calls!! There was clearly a niche for providing this service. Before long, with my passion to do a good job, my business could not help but grow like the grass.

Paul Zonneveld

Along the way, like any business, I have learned from customer feedback (which I value greatly), employee input, my dad (a very successful businessman), and my supportive family. Serving some of our customers for over 15 years, we tailor to their needs with a personal ‘hands on touch’ – Lawncutting Only has become Lawncutting Plus!

I feel the key to my success has been that I have been able to give personal service and inspire my employees to carry out that special touch that sets us apart from other companies.

We now have over ten employees. Four of those employees, who are team leaders, have been with Lawncutting Plus for over 29 years combined! It is this relationship that allows us the luxury of growing and still maintaining consistent, quality, hands on service. These team leaders execute tasks efficiently and mentor all of our other team members to continue to deliver quality service to our customers for years to come.

We are easily identifiable as we wear uniforms on the job and our trucks are all white with our signature green and yellow logo. Our people are courteous and approachable.

We are dedicated to providing optimal value to our customers. By continuing to refine the administrative process, in conjunction with effectively delivering the service, we stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Paul Zonneveld

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